Personal Training
Pat is a great trainer! His attention to detail is exactly what I have been missing. He was able to create a plan and course of action in just a few minutes of assessing me. I am looking forward to making progress with Pat!

Nick D.


Personal Training
I talked to Patrick, the owner, for 30 minutes about my goals and some issues I was having. He didn't even have to assess me it was incredible. He laid out a clear 6 month plan right away using his Mercer Method. I can't wait to get started. Highly recommend!

Erica S.


Personal Training
Patrick was knowledgeable and friendly from the get go!

Elliot P.


Pat is a fantastic trainer! We have been working on my fitness journey for just over 1 year. The progress I have made is attributed to Pat's customized and targeted workouts and keeping to a routine of training sessions. I am excited and motivated by the noticeable changes in my appearance and health. I highly recommend Pat!! He is very personable and knowledgable. His partnership in your fitness journey will find you success.

Donna H.


I am stronger and in better shape than I have ever been, thanks to Pat! He mixes things up and keeps the workout interesting, so the hour flies by. He also has been helpful whenever I have aches or sore muscles from running or other activities. It's great to train with an actual physical therapist, as you know you're getting good advice!

Ingrid F.


I trained with Patrick for 5 months primarily to learn proper exercise techniques so I could workout on my own without doing harm to my torn meniscus or low back. My few months grew to 5 because he's fantastic! Patrick is wonderfully knowledgeable regarding muscle function and exercises to strengthen and enhance performance. He was always encouraging and great at incorporating challenging exercises into my routine. I was always confident in his ability to challenge while not causing harm to my injuries. I would recommend Patrick to anyone in need of an exercise physiologist.

Michelle P.


Pat trained me for about a year and a half. I have worked with many trainers over the years and Pat was by far the best. He designed a program tailored to my specific exercise goals and to help treat my preexisting sore and weak areas. His detailed knowledge of physiology was a real plus. He is also a very nice guy and was very easy to work with.

Alan M.


Pat is a great trainer, he planned out the exercises to target the whole body and it always felt like I got in a great workout once I was done! He also taught me how to build my own effective workouts, and we were able to see my progress as time went on.

Katie M.


Pat is a fantastic trainer! We have been working on my fitness journey for 2 years. The progress I have made is attributed to Pat's customized and targeted workouts and keeping to a routine of training sessions. I am excited and motivated by the noticeable changes in my appearance and health. I highly recommend Pat! He is very personable and knowledgeable. His partnership in your fitness journey will find you success.

Donna H.


If you feel self conscious or it's your first time having a personal trainer, I highly recommend Patrick. He is very flexible with scheduling and is very responsible to be on time. He customizes exercise techniques to adjust to ones own physical capabilities. He is personable and cares for the health of his clients and motivates them to change for the better!

Alejandra C.


Pat is awesome. He worked around my hectic schedule and is extremely flexible with some of my last minute changes. Punctuality is vital for me and Pat has never let me down, he's always on time. Pat has developed a creative routine to help me achieve my goals and did so completely with my own equipment and supplies. He listens attentively during the sessions for any concerns or issues to prevent injury, while still pushing me to get to my goals, I trust him to get me there safely. He's a professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services.

Adam S.


I just started this program and the owner is really great!! I can't wait to get started he really made me feel motivated! Patrick has a fantastic personality! I'm looking forward to feeling and looking healthier! Thank you Patrick for working with me! I would highly recommend anyone looking for a trainer to use Mercer.

Gail G.


Love it when google searches do you good. M.E.P. has been a great experience for the past month+. Came over to do a consultation and highlighted my weak points and made a work schedule that would suit my needs. Good over technology, easy to pay. Really a great situation all around.

Gregory E.


Patrick is very knowledgeable and pays attention to what works for me. He's challenged me to push myself in the right ways. He really cares about my goals and accomplishments with my health and well-being. A good person who is really committed to a healthy plan for my future!!

Keith H.


Patrick is a great personal trainer. He is always prepared and on-time. He also takes the time to learn what your goals are and makes targeted workout plans. He also sends great advice on nutrition and workouts to do on other days. Highly recommend if you are looking for a personal trainer!

Cecilia B.


Pat does an excellent job motivating you towards a good workout. He is creative in designing a good program. I would highly recommend him.

Warren F.


Patrick has been providing me with personal training at my home and he's been very personable and fully understands my workout goals and how to get there. His pricing is reasonable, and I highly recommend his service for anyone looking for training.

Frank C.


It was not an easy decision to move to a trainer coming to my home instead of going to the gym. The convenience, flexibility and one on one sessions all sounded great, the thought of having someone in my home I did not know, well I wasn't sure how that felt. intro call with Pat!!!!

Pat was engaging, knowledgeable, a great listener and was able to provide me with all of the details I needed to make my decision to work with him.

Our initial appointment was a great time for me to share my goals and where Pat conducted an assessment and he identified areas to work on simply by watching me walk, my posture and sincere listening.
The last month or more with Pat has been awesome, he makes each session productive while fun and relaxing. He has a keen way of seeing where my strengths are and areas of improvement or where change is needed. He sends me workouts I can do on my own and we talk about daily diet, recipes and what's for dinner. He gives me suggestions and is always positive and supportive.

I've learned since meeting Pat that exercise is not just about movement, it's about how we feel, what we are eating and when, how to set reasonable limits for both while keeping a positive attitude.
And one last thing, he's always on time and is truly an expert in his field!!

Isabelle G.


Responded immediately, providing a genuine assessment of my needs, very professional at all stages, would highly recommend Mercer Exercise Physiology.

Anthony W.


I reached out to Mercer Exercise Physiology and the customer service was fantastic. They responded quickly, gave me intelligent feedback, and pinpointed our plan quickly. I'd recommend him!

Mary Ellen H.


I had a great experience with Patrick. He took the time to evaluate my needs and consistently worked toward addressing my weaknesses while making sure we were working toward my overall fitness goals. He was also super flexible when it came to schedule changes, as I had unpredictable business conflicts that often popped up last minute. Class act, highly recommended.

Andrew H.


Pat is awesome, he is dedicated. Pat is very knowledgeable in exercise physiology. Which helps in hiring a trainer, he shows you new ways to workout that could finally get you the results we all are looking for. Pat is great and I look forward to our workouts each week.

Lynn D.

My parents (in their 60s) will be training with Pat and enjoyed the assessment with him. He made them feel comfortable and was very pleasant to work with. They've yet to start their training sessions but are looking forward to them!

Priya a.

We work w Adrian. He's great!

Paragi P.

My mom has trouble walking due to Multiple Sclerosis. She is super motivated to improve her mobility, but needs the right person with the right expertise and enthusiasm to help her achieve her goals. Enter: Patrick! Within an hour of reaching out to him on Thumbtack, I was on the phone with Patrick discussing how he might be able to provide support. Patrick is extremely professional and clearly passionate about his work. After my mom's initial assessment, Patrick both texted and called me to debrief. He has checked in with me consistently with updates and encouragement since starting to work with my mom. I truly feel that Patrick cares about my mom reaching her goals, which is simply invaluable. I highly recommend Mercer Exercise Physiology to anyone interested in receiving a personalized wellness experience from staff who are determined to make sure you get what you need.

Patricia W.

Patrick is very courteous and adapts any type of exercise to your level of fitness. I have enjoyed working with him and his team on various strength and circuit exercises to meet my end goal.

Su'Quay C.

Patrick is accomodating, friendly and professional. I am a beginner at workouts, Jill my trainer is wonderful, flexible with my availability, and keeps me motivated. I would recommend Patrick and Jill to anyone looking to meet their workout goals.

Sojanya M.

I've been working with Patrick for the past two years. He originally help me get rid of my baby weight. He customized a program specifically to help maximize my results. I would highly recommend Patrick to both friends and family.

Leslie M.

Great experience working with Mercer exercise physiology! Paired with a very knowledgeable and experienced professional. Really happy so far and would highly recommend.

Tahira A

I was impressed right from the start. Patrick responded right away and met with me to discuss my personal needs. He structured a work out plan that is perfect for me and has followed up daily to help me stay on track. I would highly recommend him

Stacey G.

Excellent therapist. Patrick is skillful. He obviously approaches each client as their needs require. His patient rapport is professional as well as helpful. His knowledge of physiology results in successful treatment!

Patricia P.

I just started but I am very happy with Jill

Chandrika S.

Patrick can zero in on your problem quickly and has the knowledge to patiently work with you while educating you. He is friendly and makes you feel safe during workouts. He is an energetic and caring young man.

Jean B.

I'm happy to working with Patrick!

George R.

Patrick has worked his magic and helped me minimize my back pain significantly. I had been in physical therapy for 2 years but that did not help with my pain and I was unable to live a normal healthy life.

Shaily D.

Very profesional and punctual

Ralphie N.

Patrick is a gem. Very nice Expereince. He is working with my parents, 82 and 74, and both really appreciate him and look forward to his visits.

Satish M.

Very professional know what they are doing very pleased

Hazar M.

After my second pregnancy, I struggled to snap back to my prepregnancy weight for over one year. I had gained over 40 pounds and my belly was looking really big and loose as I was diagnosed with diastasis recti and umbilical hernia. I tried multiple diets, exercises, and therapists without success, so I decided to hire Patrick twice a week. Patrick not only helped me to achieve my weight goals, but also designed an action plan that allowed me to achieve my ideal body. He listened to my needs and encouraged me to be healthier and work out consistently. I saw better results than even before my two pregnancies! My overall quality of life, health and wellness have steadily improved. I've been getting compliments for being so fit and questions asking me what it is my secret!!! Patrick is very knowledgeable and dedicated. He is very familiar with different exercises designed to build muscle mass and he wrote a nutritional plan for me that allows me to eat healthy and feel satisfied (and never hungry!). Patrick is a serious professional who takes pride in delivering the best services to all his clients. I really admire his strong work ethic, time management skills, and integrity. Additionally, when I am working out with Patrick I have so much fun that it does not even feel like a workout!!! I would highly recommend him to anybody who wants to achieve and maintain great long term results without breaking the bank. To all new moms/women who are struggling with body image right now, HIRE Patrick: you will not regret it! I am posting some photos to document my journey (on the left my current fitness level after hiring Patrick; on the right my prePatrick lack of fitness level!!!). THANK YOU Patrick for being so AWESOME!

Maria R.